Mark and Pam Gaddis

Mark and Pam are Bible translators living in Nigeria, West Africa where there are 300 languages (not dialects) that still need a Bible translation. By God’s grace they have completed one NT translation and started four more. Mark has a Master’s Degree in Bible Translation Consultancy through South Africa Theological Seminary. As a consultant, he guides multiple language projects in translating the New Testament into their own languages. He also trains Nigerian and expat Bible translators and continues work with the language group that they completed the NT with. Pam is a consultant in training in language technology and publication. She trains people in Bible translation computer programs and helps language teams prepare their completed New Testaments for typesetting. They love their work!
Please pray that they can maintain full financial support for this important ministry and for Pam to be able to continue to manage her medical conditions. Pray also that God will continue to use Bible translation in Nigeria to build His kingdom. Thank you!