Budapest, Hungary


Dennis and Luiza Strellman

Children: Ryan, Kevin, and Nathan
Serving through Campus Crusade for Christ
Contact Information
Physical Address:
In the US:                                 In Hungary:
c/o Alex Hayes                         Alsohatar utca 14 PF 103
1340 Hawthorne Way               2040 Budaors
Central Point, OR 97502          Hungary


Phone Number: 36.30.640.5635 (9 hours ahead)
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Sponsoring Mission Agency:

Campus Crusade for Christ International : account #0452913
100 Lake Hart Drive
Orlando, FL 32832

1.888.CRUSADE (1.888.278.7233)


Dennis and Luiza serve Russia and Eastern Europe from the regional headquarters in Budapest, Hungary. They are part of “Global Church Movements” helping church communities to multiply.

Dennis served in Russia from 1992 to 2006 leading the JESUS film work and discipleship training centers. He understands the language and situation well.

Luiza brings experience from serving with CCCI in Romania. Both have plenty of computer and business experience.

Dennis coaches church movements in Russia and Bulgaria. CCCI has a strong reputation among churches in Russia and Bulgaria with thousands of trained volunteers because of the JESUS film work over the last 20 years.