Naples, Italy


Carlo and Marta Lella

As a musician, Carlo started to work for the Baptist Church more than 15 years ago. Carlo is the first Music Minister elected by the General Assembly of Italian Baptist Churches.
From the first moment, his task has been to visit the churches, teach new hymns and show how important the role of music is in a worship service. New talented people started to work with music in their own churches with the supervision of Carlo.
“You accompanied us in this initial step: we received from you an important spiritual and economic support. During these years we have seen the blessings of God in our lives.”
Carlo, sure that it was time to prepare other people who can share this specific ministry in Italian churches, with the help of the other members of the Department of Evangelism, started a school: the ASAF School. This school prepares people who have been called by God to do a music ministry in their community.

Marta has shared all this walking with her husband. At the beginning of the ministry, she also visited the different churches, now being one of the teachers of the school (in particular she deals in the liturgy and the questions related to the texts of the hymns.)

Prayer Requests:

Pray for our musical ministry in our church: may God call other brothers and sisters who can work with music for the mission.
We also want to ask you to pray for our little one, Sofia, and for me and Carlo so that we both can be an example of faith for her.

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